1/2 uncorked 230

He guys so it my fist time posting and I need a little bit of help. I've been looking at doing some work to my 06 230 what I want to do is uncork it by remove the snorkel at the top of the air box and the baffle in the stock exaust ,nothing too big. So I've determined that my bike is currently running lean and then need to drill out the cap for the fuel air mix adjustment. Again not to bad. This is where I need you guys help I ride anywhere from sea level to ~1800 ft will I be able to get away with just adjusting the fuel/air screw in the carb or will I need new a new jet. Thanks in advance.


Even if you could adjust the screw that's only the idle ciircuit, maybe idle to 1/4 throttle I think, so either way you'll need new jets all around, there's multiple, there's a pilot and a main jet they control different rpm ranges

What jet would you recommend then?

Get the stock settings you have now, take the bown off the carb and take those two brass jets out of the bottom, and look for the numbers on them, that tells you the size, and while the carbs off check the needle, idk about 230s but there may be other slots to put the E clip on top of the needle in

You definately will have to rejett, The part numbers to give to your local Yamaha dealership to order the jets are,  288-14343-6500 for the 130 main jet and 43f-14342-19 for the 38 pilot. Stock jets are 36/125. It will make a huge difference in performance, makes for a really fun torqy bike.

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OK thanks for the advice what is the cheapest place I could get them

I hate to say it but google is truly friend in this case. I can't remember the sites but I've found them for cheap.

OK I was just wondering seeing as my budget is pretty slim.

The 2 jets from my local dealership was around 18 dollars total, that included whatever shipping they charged and tax.

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Thanks bud

No problem, worthwhile upgrade, you'll really be happy you did.

As someone not too familiar with taking apart engines how difficult a job is this? I saw a step by step on how to put in the new jets and doesn't seem like rocket science. Overall I am pretty handy.

Its pretty simple, both jets are inside the bowl which is held in place by 4 Phillips head screws. I will forwarn you, those phillip head screws are torked on pretty tight so get the nicest #2 Phillips screwdriver you have, other then that follow the steps on this link, you do not have to drill holes in the top of your airbox like the guy on this link, only remove the snorkel, it will be to lean at sealevel if you do this. Also, you do not have to take the throttle cables loose from the carb, simply loosen both oring clamps on the intake and airbox boot and pull the carb straight back and remove the carb via the shifter side of the motor.



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Awesome thank you. That is the step-by-step I mentioned. The holes in the airbox seemed a little much to me anyways. I've taken the snorkel out and with the new jets I can't wait to see what that does for performance. The trails I ride have short but fairly steep climbs so the extra torque will be welcomed.

Your welcome, it will help with torque considerably, since I've rejetted mine I added an FMF slip on, bike now pulls like a 250F i'm very happy with it and have been riding every Saturday since I've owned it. Wish I could ride more but can't with work and family, fun factor is 100%


I really do like the bike, even if it's my first I have nothing to compare it to  :rolleyes: I've been looking at that slip on plus doing a new rear shock. I felt like I bottomed it out a couple times last weekend and boy did it no feel good. I'm a bigger rider at 6'0" 215lbs. From what I understand Works makes one that is pretty good. 

I'm actually at the point where I've gone back to a 230, just for the simple fact that it really rides good and suspension is soft. I've had a lot of different dirt bikes including 3 450F's, a number of enduro type trail bikes and lots of two strokes. I had an 05 230 back in 07 and really liked it as a play bike but at that time I wasn't through with all the white knuckle rides that were available so I sold it. I then continued on to bigger and faster bikes with hard suspension that were kill yourself fast. Now I just like to do some quick trail rides and like that my kidneys aren't gonna get beat out over every bump I ride over. I don't do much more than small jumps and wheelies anymore and like the reliability and ease of the 230.  If you ride in the woods you need softer suspension on the mx track you need firmer, at least that's from my experience over the last 25 years of riding. The 230 is a great bike for what it was designed to do, basically a reliable trail or play bike that's fun and will last many years if maintained properly.

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