2013 450 xcw fork springs

So I have my forks apart the other night changing the oil in them. When I look at the springs and spacers that I lined up so everything goes back as it came apart in the same fork, I notice that there are three nylon?spacers with one fork spring and two spacers with the other spring. A little panic sets in thinking somehow I lost a spacer. Look in the service to try to find some info on spacers etc. and can't really find anything. But then notice that the manual makes mention that the spring length must be 513mm and if not use spacers until it is. So I measure the fork springs and sure enough on spring is 3mm shorter than the other and KTM used an extra spacer to make up the difference. I find it odd that neither spring was physically long enough to make the measurement on its own without a spacer, and even stranger that they are actually 2 different lengths. Is this a common thing with fork springs or is this just a KTM quality control issue? Is there that much of a difference with aftermarket springs? And finally how will all this affect the action of the suspension. Thanks for all input

This is common......Springs vary in length that is why the use the spacers....your good!

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