Stripped Drain plug

Hey!   So yea its stripped.   I tried some of that thread repair crap with no luck, well mimimal luck, but the threads arent good enough to seal properly.   The plug in there now is a 10MM x 1.5.   It looks stock, but not sure.   So the question I have is.   I bought an oversize drain plug and 12MM tap.   The drill size will be approx 29/64ths.   Any ideas how large I can go on this project without compromising the case?

First you should try an oversize plug. Its slightly larger and you can retry your stock self taps deeper threads. worth a shot....

GOOD LINK! Have similar problem, maybe you can do a helicoil deal on it. you just have to make sure the insert is stable in the threads.

I use a small o ring on the bolt also to help seal.


Just be careful because the original threads are cut into a ridiculously thin built-up portion of the case.  You have very little material left to work with.  Lots of info just by searching your subject term.  Timesert seems to make the most sense, but helicoil will work, too.  Just conserve material by going with the smallest OD insert you can.  Al's advice about the o-ring is a great idea.  I used the home depot washers with rubber on them.  Whatever works.

I had to do this for my Beta. I put a timesert. I actually bought it off a fellow TT'r who bought a timesert kit for his rfs . It was a bit less but still not cheap.. but way cheaper than the full price. Check on ebay . Sometimes there are some kits on sale there that have had to go through this. Usually the timesert kits come with 5 inserts . You need only one and then there's this kit laying around with 4 more. Put a search on TT for stripping oil plugs, timesert etc and you'll see what others have done. .. also check Youtube for ideas. The kits are expensive .. for helicoil  and timesert is more. Sometimes on ebay there are other different brands that are more reasonable. 


Actually I guess you can just do the tap and put the plug like you have set up. If it doesn't work then go with the timesert.


The timesert barrel thread is steel and solid. There's no problem after putting that in.

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