forks sticking - '05 wr450

Hey, folks. I think this might be my first post here although I've been lurking / reading for a while.


I have an '05 wr450 with sticky forks and I'm hoping maybe someone can offer some advice. Here's the scenario:


Assuming I'm on the bike in proper seating position and therefore the "normal" amount of compression on the front forks, all good. Applying the brakes, and therefore introducing a bit more compression, all good. Release brake and/or roll on throttle thus deloading the forks a bit, the forks "catch" for just a second during rebound. It actually feels like a slight pop through the bars. On a more violent compression/rebound cycle, like over a log or after a little air, sometimes the forks won't catch at all. I guess the momentum of the rebound overpowers whatever is causing the stick.


So, I had the front wheel off a week or two ago to replace the front tire and tonight I'll probably double check to make sure I've not tweaked the forks out of proper alignment when I reinstalled the wheel. The seals are not leaking and a quick visual inspection doesn't show any cuts, tears, wear, etc.


Any other suggestions as to where to look?

Bushes worn ?

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