03 Yamaha Beartracker no spark


I have a 03 beartracker that is not getting any spark! I have check simple things such as fuses and grounds but no luck. It turns over but no spark! Need help troubleshooting to see if it's the ignition coil, pickup coil, stator, cdi or whatever else it could be! If anyone has any ideas on how I can narrow this down to find the problem please let me know.


Thanks I will look to see if this is what is causing me trouble!

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These bikes are common for stator and pick up coil failures. the specs are below, we have the parts if you need them.

White/green to white/red= 200 ohms, pick up coil

white/blue to red= 0-1 ohms, stator source coil

red to ground open line

red to any of the 3 whites open line



Rickystator I tested the connection here are my findings

Red white to white green = .33 mili ohms

Red to white blue = .2 ohms

Guessing this means the pickup coil Is bad?

When doing this test should I be trying to crank the engine or should I just being doing it withy the key on? These results are with the key on and not cranking.

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