2012/13 250SX pipe comparison

Has anyone run both the PC platinum/R304 and the FMF Fatty/shorty combos on their 2012/13 250SX for 100% MX.


I currently have the PC combo on a 2012 250SX but some big damage has me in the market for a new pipe.  Have heard/read that the PC is almost all top end improvement while the FMF improves across the powerband but not as much overrev as the PC.  So the FMF perhaps a more well rounded pipe and the PC more for a top skilled rider who rides in the meat or above all the time (not me).



pm'ed ya

I have 12 250, ran the pc combo for 2 years liked the over rev from stock. Switched to fmf couple months ago didn't notice much less over rev, but mid seems stronger.

I run a fmf factory fatty and shorty on my 12. I'm wanting to change the silencer to the regular powercore in hopes of alittle more over rev. Bottom end-mid is great though. I ended up rejetting the bike for better roll on power. the RM250 needle did the trick. nejc needle is killer!

Thank you all.  Plan to switch to FMF in very near future.  


Thmike - is that the only jetting change you made?  

Thank you all.  Plan to switch to FMF in very near future.  


Thmike - is that the only jetting change you made?  

I also went to a 42 pilot. I feel like I need to go to a bigger main and maybe raise the needle from the 2nd clip to the 3rd. The pilot seems it may be a little rich but with my wife riding the bike also it doesn't seem to load up at all. She can ride it all day at 1/4-1/2 throttle..come into the pits..i hope on and the bike runs like its been on the pipe the whole time. Almost no smoke at all. I know since its cooling off here in GA that i'm going to go to a bigger main and raise the needle

Since you have a p304 i'd would keep that and run a fmf fatty. I don't like the factory though. it looks good when I take care of it though but I miss not worrying about cleaning the pipe with scrotch bright after every ride. Like I said before I think i'm gonna buy a regular length silencer and keep the shorty for woods/gncc/single tracks. I mostly ride tracks though

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