FMF Powercore 4 question

I did the Gordon mods on my 02 XR250R - including 3 1/8" holes in the exhaust.  Runs great but the drilled exhaust is too loud for my old ears now - sounds like a Harley.  Wondering about putting on a FMF Powercore 4 to get the same result of less restricted exhaust but quieter.  Anybody have the Powercore and is it quiet - and have you used it in conjunction with the Gordon Mods?

If 3 - 1/8" holes was to much additional noise don't even consider a PC4 or any other pipe for that matter. Even the "quiet" pipes are going to be louder than the drilled stocker. Plug the holes back up on your stock unit and look elsewhere for more power. Maybe try a stock spark arrestor unit from a 1998 or newer XR400. Part number is HM-KCY-A2. You may have to drill the mount holes a size or two bigger to get it on but it should work and fit.

Or I could just try earplugs.  And I may be wrong on the size of the holes - may be 1/4". 

I have a FMF Powercore 4 on my 04 XR250 with fresh packing.  It measured 101 dB when a Forrest Ranger was doing voluntary tests.  Most states allow 96 dB.  I have never been bothered but if a cop or Ranger wanted to be a dick, I could be ticketed. :lame:

FMF offers several different sizes of "quiet cores" to get the sound level where you want it. 
Without, they are pretty loud. 

Did they stop making the PC4 Q for the 250?  If not, that might be a viable option.  You might be able to find one on fleabay . 

I have a power core muffler with quiet insert and I extended the quiet insert into the muffler a couple of inches with a copper elbow.  At an event two weeks ago, with new packing, it blew 86db at 3500 rpm.  

i have a pwr core 4 w/sa and it is def. quetier than 100 db.i say the meter was off. plus theres a difference,if it sounds good versus the ratty sound of exhaust in poor condition.

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