Recent MI ORV Legislation




The following bills have been signed and enacted:

SB 50 (event permit, liability protection for trail maintenance)

HB4284 (highways, highways can now be opened to ORVs)

HB4299 (all counties can allow ORVs on their roads)

Thanks for the info

Let's not forget that we can't ride trails that pass through national forests until the government reopens. Remember to check your state atlas before you plan a trip.

Thanks for all the info guys.

Question I have for you folks that are informed about our trail permit fees for next year:


I was told by the DNR recently we will probably not be getting any more trails in Michigan because we have way more trails (3700 miles I believe) than our riding population needs.  Now I understand our permits will likely go to $36.00 for 2014 which I will gladly pay to enjoy this great sport in our state - but my question is why the increase??  What is the justification??  To hire more enforcement??  Trail maintenance??


I have come across fishing sites with brand new potties and boat launches that have signage saying this site was paid for by our ORV trail permits??  Really, is this true??


If anyone can shed any light on this I would appreciate it. 





Whomever was employed by the DNR that you spoke with was mis-informed.

Fishing sites and Boat launches would not have anything paid by ORV Permit fees. You may have saw some ORV-damage-restoration areas that would have used some of the ORV permit dollars to pay for the restoration work.


ORV Fund dollars are protected in the State and can only be used for ORV-related items. Almost never is new trail "paid for". It is used for grading, grooming, maintenance, leases, insurance, maintenance reimbursement, enforcement, damage-restoration, management (administrative costs).


The fee increase was needed to pay for the existing trail base we have (grant dollars for maintenance) and additional grooming among other costs associated with the program.


That's not the full detail, but just an overview. Did it answer the questions?

I think that gave me a pretty good idea thanks. 

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