Chain recommendation?

Need to put a fresh chain on my '04 250 EXC. Woods riding mainly. A mix of wet and dry. More often dry. Some dust. Nothing like desert riding.


Any recommendations on chains? Not looking to spend $100 on a chain. $50-80 would be fine.





An RK 520 XSO sounds like what you are looking for.  Great chain for the money. 

D.I.D gold chain 520

When it comes to chains, tensile strength rating is more important than pricing or brand.  Depends on the combined weight of the rider, gears and the bike and the riding style, I would get a set of chains that has the tensile strength that won't stretch much.

Also, do you want o-ring, x-ring or no-ring chain?

For example, I weight 150 lbs without gear and am neither good nor fast, so that not much chain and sprocket wear on my bike.  Plus, I do clean and grease the secondary after every ride.  The chain on my WR250F is rated at 10,000 lbs and after a season of riding, about 100 hours, in Colorado and Moab, the chain is still within specs.  Since the chain didn't get stretched, the sprockets are in good shape.

I do admit that 10,000 lbs for me is overkill though.

Parts Unlimited HD O-Ring 520 chain $60.  Great chain for the money and it's made by DID.

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