Monster Energy Cup Track Layout


Wow!   It doesn't have enough jumps in it though, maybe a 130ft triple right where they merge from the Start, Need one in the middle of the uphill curve. And since this is VEGAS BABY, lets install a fountain that hey have to jump through some where on one of the many jumps on the track, or on second thought lets do it on all of them!   Wow look at all the bowl turns ,they should add a couple more of those also, we wouldn't want to challenge them too much, now would we. It's hard to tell did they throw in the monster

25 foot sand section?  And of coarse we have to have the pin it equal distance/height whoops section to escalate the skill requirements as well!  Boy just can't wait to watch this MX (JUMPX) race!!!!!!

What a jumbled up f*%#ing mess that is. The split start blows.....AGAIN and all this looks to me is a big air contest while racing others. I know this is the MEC and the event is supposed to be exciting and a good show for the masses but it seems that in the last two years of the MEC that it is a test bed for the other real racing series to see what kind of obstacles and hype will bring in more people to watch mx. This is just my personal opinion of course.

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Split start sucks. In fact, stupid.

I think that would be a fast track if it wasn't laid out backwards.

I think that would be a fast track if it wasn't laid out backwards.

Watch last years then. This looks similar to last years just backward.

Supercross is all bling-bling anyway... Why should this be any different? If they wanted to up the anti (this being Vegas and all), put in a full 90 degree right hand first turn off the start......pu ssies! :D

Tickets are too much plus that stadium sucks.

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