2000 KTM 250 exc sat 12 years.

I bout myself a 2000 KTM 250 exc two stroke. I bout this bike with only 80 miles on it had the original 2000 tires with no wear on the treads. The problem is that this bike sat for 12 years in a garage. What is the best gear oil to put in this bike?, and please I don't want any kind of synthetic gear oil. And it has a hydraulic clutch and I've tested it put it in first gear, but I didn't start it, pressed the clutch in and the clutch wouldn't release on first gear when I press it in do I need to bleed it or replace the hydraulic fluid or a simple adjustment I'm not familiar with hydraulic clutches this is my first one? It didn't come with a service manual. And is there anything else I need to do before I start it because of the long period of time that it's been sitting, like say put oil in the cylinder cause it is dry, I already know about the carb thanks.

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I would say you definitely need to bleed the brakes and the clutch. It has been gone over a hundred times on here how to do it, just search and follow the directions, very easy. Use Rotella 15-40 hd in transmission, cheap and works.


I would pull air filter and probably be ready to replace it because it is probably going to fall apart.  Pull carb and clean the jets all out.  Put in fresh gas mixed with your choice of oil and then before you start it, pull the plug out, hold it wide open and kick it 20 times or so to get the juices flowing in the bearings and cylinder.  You might even think about letting it sit for 10 minutes or so and do that again before you ever start it.  That is what I would do...others may have different ideas

Thanks like I said this Is my first bike with a hydraulic clutch what about the cylinder cause its been sitting for 12 years should I pour alittle bit of 2 stroke in it to get the cylinder lubricated before I start it?

Ok nevermind I got it I'll try that before I start thanks for the help.

That is what kicking it with the plug out and holding it wide open is going to do.  That will lubricate the top end just fine .

Alright thanks It won't hurt to do that then trying it dry.

Carb is done air filter was good and the brakes are done just got to clean the gas tank and put more fluid in the hydraulic clutch reservoir.

Thanks for the advice

Replace the suspension fluids too.

Never a bad idea to replace all the old brittle fuel line/vent hoses

Runs great.

I Have a 1999 that sat a lot of its life. The bike is very fun to ride and seems to have a lot of life left in it. I think you are going to really like your 2000. Sounds like what it mostly needed was a rider. Put a picture up when you have time. I want to check it out. Enjoy.

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