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Bike to compliment my xr250?

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I would like a 2 stroke. I ride mainly trails. My problem is I bought a yz 250 and the jetting/ carb wasn't right. I didn't know a lot about setting I up right at the time. It was listed as a 2000 ended up it was a 1999. Unloaded it and the carb poured gas and it run terrible. Had the carb cleaned and stopped the leak, but would foul plugs all the time. I believe it was jetted to rich? It was set up for motorcross. I tried riding it wide open and keeping it revved up to keep it from choking. About the time you let off the gas it would foul a plug. I was done with it. Anyhow, I sold it and got the xr 250. I've learned a lot more about carbs etc. since. I like the xr for the tight steep stuff, but I would like a bike for the more open spots. I am debating a 125 or try another 250. My buddy had a cr 250 years ago and it was a dream to ride, he never had any problems with it. Will I regret the 125 or should I go 250 and add a fww for woods riding? I will probably look for one under $2000.

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