Could I be burning oil?

Could the black residue left on the rear fender be from burning oil or is it just from carbon in the exhaust that is more noticeable because its on white?


 If its due to burning oil a low oil level on the stick would probably be a better indicator. Also if the bike is running to rich it could cause the black sooty mess your seeing. 

Its never really low on oil so thats kinda what my guess was. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the confirmation.

how easy does it clean off.  When i have noticed burned oil, its a little difficult to clean off and smears a bit.  Not a lot, but a little.  If its from running rich, then it will generally wipe off fairly easy.


How many hours are on the top end.  Once the rings start to wear you will get a little blow by..  That amount can barely be noticeable on the dipstick.  However, with time, you will see it a little more and the bike will begin to lose power.

from your pic,   it's nothing and normal.   Put some clear packing tape or alum tape over the spot if you don't want it to accumulate


Crf's normally use a little oil for various reasons, normal,

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