04 CRF 450 valve replacement

Getting ready to replace my valves and have a question. If the valve guides that are in the head currently are in good shape do I need to replace them if I am going to stainless steel valves? Do I need to replace the springs or can I just do the valves. I am on a budget like most people and trying to keep my cost down, however don't want to half ass this and have it bite me later. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

The guides don't need replaced if they are still good. But how are you going to measure them to make sire they are good. The wiggle test is not a good method to use. As for springs. If you are going to a full stainless steel intake and exhaust you need more spring pressure on the intake to control the heavier valve, and it is always good to throw a fresh set of springs in the head. They are cheap insurance. If the head does not have to many hours on it Bigborethumpers.com offers a Stainless intake kit for $105.00 and a valve job for $79. As long as the guides are good thats all you should need.  

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