biggest trick

With out lying whats the biggest trick you have ever pulled on your YZF.

Ive done a rear fender grab into a no hander lander off a 30 foot double.

suicide no hander/no hander lander

I would have to say starting it.

Probably a double backflip/bounce/roll/wreck/concussion and broken collarbone off a 140ft triple step up 4th gear pinned! LOL actually just a Nac Nac would be the biggest trick I've attempted!

Well hmm. Here's one.


I'd have to say kind of a combo of a kiss of death/superman/handstand/no-footer lander!!!!LOL

And the landing was a perfect 10 in a sticker PILE!!!!!LOLOLOLOL


Whenever everyone pulls their best trick NO ONE seems to be there or see it BUT....... unfortunately 2 of my buds saw me! :D

We were just trail ridin' thru a camping area and hopped the front up and over a root that was sticking out of the ground about 6-8 inches in 2nd gear half thrtl. The thing was so sharp it kicked the rear up just as I was sitting down and pogo sticked my a$$ up up and away.........all with my buddies behind me with a perfect veiw!!!


Well, back in the day........

No really, when I was in high school I was woods riding w/some friends going about 20mph on a road section that had been rutted up by some 4x4s and all of a sudden I got slammed on my left side (still on the bike) slid about 25ft, hit a cross-rut, got righted, and kept going down the trail (for about 100ft until I realized I should probably stop and check my pants.

It was great, we were all laughing for hours over it. My entire left side from boot to helmet was smeared with dirt/mud. Still trying to figure out if that was technically a wreck or not.


Touching my visor to my front fender while landing w/ my armpits on my grips and feet on my rear fender. Oh yea, it wasn't a jump, hit a boulder at 50mph and was heli copter'd out of desert. I told my friends to torch my bike so the police could find us. Was glad they didn't listen though.

God Bless


My best???? goes something like this. No footed can-can to a nac-nac to a superman to a kiss of death to the ground!! I got back up, dusted myself off and tried to make it through two whoops on the second lap!! I can't remember much more because of the concussion!!!


Superman / Kiss of Death. I went for a standard superman.. but went way to vertical. it was a cool view from up there! watching the bike get small underneath me. (both hands on the bars) I was too close to the front wheel to make me happy, and when I tried to pull my body and the bike together-the ground started coming closer, FAST.. so I put both feet on the seat, and landed snowboard style.... :):D then I checked my pants! :D all good.. so i kept ridding, just saved the big jump for another day! :D

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Started my bike 1st. kick, all while sticking my tongue out the right side of my mouth.... Whew that was a close one!!

Merry Christmas


Talking my wife into a new bike! :)

I grinned like a mule eatin' briars at my sweetheart while going over the finish line table-top.....once.

Flying W into a kiss of death, into a kiss of dirt into a hematoma. :D:D:)

The biggest trick did wasn't even off a jump.

it was a nose wheelie superman down the hill. i wish my friend who was watching me got a pic of it.

The real trick is the video section on the WR side. How to crash your WR or something like that. I use this as releif when I'm having a bad day working on the airplanes. We have a bunch of guys at work that ride or rode when younger, they all love this video. AND WE HAVE ALL DONE IT AT ONE POINT ON A MOTORCYCLE OR BICYCLE AS A KID. Punch out and check this out on the WR contents board, you will not be disappointed.

Merry Xmas


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