1986 xt600 suspension question.

Hey guys. First post! I just got a 1986 xt600. Decent price, only 12,000 miles.

But my question is, how can I get the seat height down about 2 inches or so?

I'm not tip toeing around like a ballerina but it's not the most comfortable standing situation. I found that these bikes have no linkage to modify like most bikes? So how would I go about this.

This is my first time on this forum so if I'm in the wrong place, please show me the way.



The shock spring has a threaded adjuster, back it all of the way off.

Slide the forks up a little in the triple clamps.

If that doesn't help enough, cut your springs down....

The rear shock also has a circlip which is adjustable in 3 positions, which raises/lowers the rear suspension. Disassembly is required of shock.

You can lower up to 1/2"

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380382227.714455.jpg

That's a great help. Thanks a lot.

Is there any major "dont's" with this in regard to geometry? I mean I don't plan on doing any major off-roading. Just old fire roads mostly.

I wouldn't worry too much about it

Ok cool. Thanks

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