Are O3 CR 125 Really That Bad?

I'm looking at an 03 CR 125. The pictures make it look like it's in great shape and the price is good but I heard the 03 aren't that great. I'm a new rider with limited seat time. What's so bad about the 03 model?

People say that after '00 the motors got weaker and weaker. How true this is, I have no idea. I do know that if stay away from 04, as they have an electric power valve. They did this for 1 year, and 1 year only. Other than that the 02-03, and 05-07 bikes are really all the same. And I wouldn't steer clear of any if the price is right. They are all fast no matter who tells you other wise.

Just a lazy low end. But a very heathy top end pull.

It is a great bike and fun to ride.

They're great bikes if you want to race or mess around. Easy to maintain, pretty reliable, and they handle great. In your case, I'd say it's just as good as a yz if it's in good shape.

The 02-03s were different than the 05-07s, but not by a lot, just crank, head, and base gasket as far as I can tell, but nope, they're fun bikes, they handle awesome and the good top end makes them super fun on the track, are you using it for track or trail?

the 05 - 07 motors are pretty different to the 02 03 motors cept for maybe some of the clutch n tranny parts.

My 01 was keeping up with the 250's in the top end couldn't pull a wheelie to save my life with one though, even fanning the clutch couldn't do it.

I did some research recently when shopping for a 125 for my son. Basically, the YZ125 is a good bit faster and the suspension slightly better (after 05) but the Honda's handle slightly better. I wound up with an 02 CR125.

What are you gonna use the bike for? I'm assuming fun since you are looking at an older 125cc two stroke. The CR125 is just as good as the Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM in that aspect.

Bad is a relative term. I am a Honda guy but if buying a 125 I would go blue. Very very impressive bike with exceptional overall power, bottom to top. Even works great in the woods for a full grown rider. 

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