125 stator

ok so I have a 1977 xl125 engine in a Chinese bike. got the engine from a buddy. anyways I cant seem to get any spark out of it. I set and checked the points, new condenser ect... I got out my trusty DVOM and I measured the resistance on the black wire to ground (ignition coil) and all I am getting is 1 ohm. that seems to be really low to me, and im thinking the winding is shorted out. so would any of you have a spec on the resistance that I am suppose to have?


thanks for any help

Stator winding for 86+ CDI ignition is 50-200 ohms.

But point ignitions are referred to as ET systems and although I've owned a few I can't remember the resistance of the exciter coils.

Alternator lighting coils often have low resistance +/- 1 ohm.

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well then, I guess that theres something else wrong

Last time that I checked the ignition stator coil on my XL125 stator was showing 1.5Ω.  You should be good on your stator.  Double check that your points aren't grounding through the mount and the connector where your wire hooks up.  There should be an insulating washer in the stack that keeps it from grounding.  That is a common mistake that some people make when working on the points and installing new ones.  Also for the '77 year it should be an AC ignition coil, not a DC coil like the early 100/125 bikes used that needed the battery for ignition.

I did check point operation and they are switching from open to ground so there not shorted out and the contact pads are good clean and flat. ill see if I can find another coil around

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