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1986 Honda cr 250r Hpp Valves

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does anyone have a picture from the manual or any picture to show me how to exacttly install the valves into the cylinder..i have a 86 and i bought a 89 cylinder and the shematics are the same from 86~89 but the valves are different from 86~87  to  88~89   basically the 86 to 87 was the same and 88 to 89 was the same but they was a fuzz different..i am going to put the 86 valves into the 89 cylinder and i need a picture on how to install them...i read that the valves should be open when you go to put it on your bottom end and then they close when the spindle cam goes into the cylinder..I just want to make sure i am putting them in correct     thank you Rob*

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