Wont start after waterpump rebuild?

Hi guys, i have just finished doing the water pump on my 99wr400, new shaft gaskets and both seals. so she does not wont to start or if it does start it dies with no throttle. it has brand new oil and coolant and before i did the water pump it started first kick everytime hot cold no throttle and ran like a beast, HELP MUAH!


My suspicion is a coolant leak past a seal. Spark plugs hate coolant.

would coolant be in the oil if it was that?

hmmm...on thinking, it would have to be head gasket to get to top end.....sorry but I might be barking up wrong tree.

okay every now and then it will start with throttle and if it does it backfires a bit but if i let go of throttle instantly dies

That sounds like blocked pilot jet.

Would that have happened from doing the water pump, cause before I did it it started dirt kick everytine

Did you lay the bike on its side to do the pump if so carb might have spilled over in the intake and flooded the engine.

Nah bike was upright the whole time

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