10-13 YZ450f plastics



I am looking to find OEM black & white plastics.  I have found aftermarket kits but they dont have the textured plastic that i want. Also when i look at microfiches it seems they only offer the blue kits.  I'm looking to find the black/white oem textured plastics. I'd prefer to have the plastics in the first picture where the black is on top then white on the lower portion.  I wouldn't mind having the reverse colorway of that though.  Anyone know where i can purchase them at?  



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OEM is the only way to go. ive had good luck with motosport.com, but if you have a good local dealer it would be great to support them :thumbsup:

OEM plastics are not much more expensive than the aftermarket most of the time, and the quality and fit are nearly always better.  Just don't ask for the price of OEM graphics.

Where can I get the black or white lower textured shrouds though? I can't find them in the yamaha microfiche

Not meaning to hijack your topic, but does anybody know which plastics companies make the side number plates 'without' the texturing on it?

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Basically every company that makes plastics for the 10-3 yz450f is not textured. I have been on a hunt for textured lower shrouds.

Thanks grcmoto. I think stock/OEM is the only one that does that.

Might check Polysport, looks like they had the texturing on the side panels. Could not tell on the photo of the rad covers though.

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