Adding rim locks to stock S wheels

I want to add Motion Pro Lite Locs to my wheels when I pull off the DeathWings and switch to the D606.  My stock rims have holes drilled and rubber plugged just 4 spokes away from the valve stem.  I've always heard it's best to put the rim lock opposite from the valve stem for better balance.  The Lite Locs are very light, so can I use the holes that are already there or should I drill new ones across from the stems?  I will get them balanced no matter what, and it's easy to drill a new hole, or is it fine to just use what's there? 

The holes in the rims, as they come from the factory, are in the preferred locations for rim locks to minimize the likelihood of tearing out the valve stem in the event of the tire pressure dropping too low.  You'll notice that the hole positions in the front and rear rims are different with respect to the valve stem (they are effectively opposite hand).  This is because the front tire/rim experiences only braking loads, whereas the rear tire/rim experiences mainly loads moving the bike forward.



i added rim locks on me stock S wheels in the provided holes,   been fine. 


some do 2 rime locks,  one across from the other to balance it out. 

I would add that the rear experience's load from braking as well , the rear brake .

The front experience's load via braking inertia .

Rim locks are near the valve stem for easier tire changing.  Start and finish near the stem/rim locks so the tire is free to drop into the rim center.

Thanks guys, I'll use the stock holes.  :ride:

Thanks guys, I'll use the stock holes. :ride:

Post up when you get the wheels and lite locks on. I am curious about your balancing with them. My wheels came with some conventional (heavy) rim locks and it took an ass load of sticky weights to get the wheels balanced.

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