cr500 jetting thoughts

Ok, so I know there is no magic number for what jets to start with, but Im looking for some thoughts and input here. I just rebuilt my 500, and had it race ported and the head milled.  It currently has a 175 main jet and a 60 slow jet in a pwk carb. Im going to initially run it on 110 octane. Where do I should I start as a baseline? I was thinking going up 1 or 2 on the main and seing how it goes. Any thoughts?

I don't know what needle your running but a #60 pilot sounds awfully big to run in a pwk.

sea level in calli I might say 42 pilot 172 main,-check on cr500riders site and see if you can find any one in your area running the same set-up as you then you would be able to start a bit bigger and work your way down from their

Yea a 60 pilot is huge on a PWK. The PWK will generally call for a smaller pilot than the PJ. I run a 45 pilot most of the time on mine. 


I'd run the 175 main to start out. What needle is in it now?

I thought 60 might be big, I'll check the needle when I get home and post it up

All I can make out on the needle is DDJ. Clip is in the 3rd slot

I dont see the link, and im assuming you are saying a 40 pilot, 1368 needle and 168 main?

Which 1368 Kirkes? Stock is 1368N(CGJ), which I found to be a bit too rich right off idle(straight diameter) and way too lean at 3/4 throttle(not enough taper). Running DGL now.


DDJ looks to have a super short L1 for the CR. I ran a 1469G(similar to DDK) that came in the PWK for one ride and part throttle was so rich it would bog and came back with oil spray all over my back. Shortening L1 is the same thing as moving the needle clip down.

1368M 3rd

Before I milled the head, and using 100LL fuel. I to was running a bigger diameter and faster taper needle. I was pinging some with it (1472N) though. So I am trying more of a stock needle now. It is Ok, but still not happy with it. Next will be a1470N. I have not had much time to ride for the past 6 months. I have been working 7 days a making extra money for my son/father truck rebuild. Just completed a total rebuild on a 70 351W gong in to a 83 F100. It will pumping out about 400hp. Having a gear head as a father I guess can be a good thing.

I'm running a 42pilot and 162 main in my pwk. Will probably richen both one step in the next month for cooler weather. Whatever the stock YZ250 needle is (don't remember) is in the 3rd clip. Bike starts easy and runs great.

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