LHRB dilemma

So I have a wr300 09. I want a lhrb bad. The two strokes don't have the same brakes as the four strokes(the rears anyway). The rear master cylinders are much smaller than the four strokes for some reason. I have been told to buy a master cyclinder for the 08-10 te /tc and they will bolt right up and work. Does this sound right? will other years work too or is it only those years?


This lhrb Is only one I know of



I got a 510 and I'm wanted to upgrade my rear brakes I thought it must be pads but nope.if it wasn't for the front brakes which are good couldn't stop it at all

are you tring to keep the foot brake too?

i started to setup a front lever master off a cr80 to be a left hand thumb brake, but stopped at just mockup for now. i can either delete the foot pedal and run a brakeline to the rear master or pick up an adapter to the rear resivor that will allow bothe hand and foot brake action. cant help you on the master cylinder issue though, unless you delete the footbrake.

I doubt i would ever use the foot brake again after setting it up. The 300 is kind of got a goof pedal brake anyway

If that is the case you can grab the master I got off eBay or any other there are mostly the same and run an extended line to the rear caliper and be done.

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