piston stuck, help!

ok, so I did the ol rope in the cylinder trick to lock up the engine so I could tighten down my flywheel bolt on my kx125. Problem is I used a shoe string (only thing I had) and now the shoe string is wedged between the cylinder and the piston and I'm not sure how to get it out without damaging either the piston or cylinder. Any ideas? I've got the engine out of the bike and the cylinder head off and the cylinder loosened.

If everythings loose just pull the jug off. Problem solved

I'm just afraid by just pulling the cylinder off with brute force it'll cause the cylinder to get scratched or something from the string pushing the piston ring into the exhaust port or something and breaking it. Just was hoping for a safer solution.

Well I got impatient, problem solved, another disaster averted, just waiting for the next one now haha

Buy yourself an engine lock they are like 5 bucks. I got mine from RMATV and use it a lot, worth every penny!

You could have tried putting the bike in gear and rolling it backwards.

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