DRZ 400 S Tyres - UK owner

Hello. I own a DRZ 400 S and live in the UK. Could anyone advise replacement tyres to fit for 70 % road commute 30 % weekend forest trail use. Bridgstone have advised me that the Trail Wing tyre TW 41 80-100-21 is no longer available. I would prefer a similar style of tyre (not too aggressive on the knobblies) and hopefully the same manufacturer for the rear (currently TW 42 120-90-18) 

Many thanks


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I would go Continental TKC 80 for that much road riding, they are pretty decent off road too.

I would go Continental TKC 80 for that much road riding, they are pretty decent off road too.

i agree.

+3 on the TKC 80s. I've used them mostly on my big pig of a BMW, but I have a set on my parts shelf to put on my DRZ some day.

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Thanks for your information. That's 3 out of 3 for the Continental TKC 80.


I am a little confused by the different tyre measurement systems. Could any of you advise the exact Continental TKC 80 tyres I require to replace both of my Bridgestone Trail Wing tyres which are marked. (2004 DRZ 400 S)

Front - TW 41 80-100-21

Rear - TW 42 120-90-18




Front: 90/90 - 21

Rear: 120/90 - 18


Look into Mefo Explorer tires . They are German made . Speed rated to 118 mph . And do pretty well Offroad and on . I'm running a set right now . They are a high mileage dual. Sport tire . 7 to 10,000 miles is reported .

Perelli MT 90 Scorpions get my vote. 


90/90/21 Front

140/80/18 Rear


My last street legal DRZ-400 had these and I loved them. My current DRZ had more aggressive tires and the street ate them up, so I'm getting the MT 90s right now (should be done this Thursday).


My riding in 85 miles a day mostly pavement, but I hit the dirt roads and mild trails on occasion.


Also, here's a like here of how they look (not my bike or posts)




Hope this helps. 

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