Hi guys im a 14 year old kid, and I was wondering if a KTM 125sx would be good for me. I am a moderate to beginner rider but. I am 5'5 and 95lbs

Dirt bike










what sort of riding are you going to be doing? what are your previuos rides? how much do you have to spend?

I am going to be using it for MX and Trail riding. I found one on craigslist in my local area. It was 550 and it said it had some trouble running at times and I was gonna fix it up. I have been trail riding, MX, and leisure rides. BTW I am buying my own bike

Hello wonderful people of thumper talk. I am in a bit of predicament. I want to get a ktm 125sx off of craigslist for 600$ with some engine problems. Or there is the 05 kx 85 for 550 with only needing a choke cable. I am 5'6 or 5'5 idk and weigh 95lbs. Thanks I am also considering a yz 125 or a cr125®.

Thank You

Is this your first dirt bike? @ 95 lbs a kx85 or a kx100 would be way fast and easier for you to muscle around

What year is this 125?


You'll be fine most likely, but definitely look into  it to see if it's a good deal first bro

Ok thanks man it said that it could be "pop" started fine but it has trouble kick starting it

No I have had an Xr70 and a klx110 also, but I don't like them and I am due for a 2 stroke. As you can tell by my name I LOVE KTM'S they are just really expensive.

At your weight you will need to get suspension on a full size bike re-sprung for your weight, which will be a couple hundred dollars extra before paying somebody to do it. I would go with the 85, it is more appropriate for your size.

Yeah your right but I have no intentions of racing either. I need to have a bike for about 5 years because my parents don't believe in this but are willing enough to let me to get one. I have to do all the work myself to get my money. I believe that this is the one for me because I need one this size to grow into because I am only supposed to be 5'8 at max

I agree the kx100 would be great! I rode the fire outta my old yz80. Had a buddys that had a kx 85 and a kx100. Both were fun bikes. Both had the upper hand on my bike power wise.

Alright thanks Thumper Talk community and all of you that replied to my post! I have my work cut our for me :D

I was wondering what you guys would think of a kx 100 for me. But anyways would a KTM 125sx be to powerful for me? Would a kx 85 be not powerful enough?

I wouldn't buy a bike from an owner that says that it "only needs a choke cable" when the bike doesn't even come with one. That little of knowledge will lead to trouble when the time comes to purchase. Granted, it could be only a throttle cable, though.

Thank you very much I think I am going to go with the KTM 125sx and rebuild the engine and get some fork seals for it. Thanks.

Buy neither. Small problems that the owner could fix for cheap and sell the bike for higher makes me leary. Could be a bigger problem then led on to believe....

I have a friends dad that works on them and he will tell me what is wrong when I buy it and bring it to him.

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