water pump housing leak

My 2012 350 sxf developed a leak on my last ride. It isnt leaking from the weep hole but from the water pump housing seal, you can actually see a piece of the seal bulging out between the water pump cover & the engine case. The bike has never been overheated & has done 40 hrs. I am thinking this is either a design fault, poor worksmanship when the bike was built or there is some sort of over pressure issue. If anyone has had a similar problem or some feed back it would be much appreciated


I recall reading it was redesigned for 2014 .... you can try and call to see if the new part number will fit....

I remember reading that the pump cover can be used retroactively in the older models, 11-13 models if I remember correctly.

So just to confirm, is there a fault with the 12 water pump housing cover?

So just to confirm, is there a fault with the 12 water pump housing cover?

I've heard from people that have heard from people that there is an issue with waterpump cover leakage. Now take that as you may, but I haven't ever had an issue on my 350 with regards to coolant leaking via the pump cover. There must be enough people that have had this issue for ktm to redesign the cover on the 14 models.

Yes, mine did the same after 10 hours due to a pinched seal. I couldn't get hold of one at the time. I just reseated it and used some high temp silicon instant gasket and it's held strong ever since. Be careful not to use too much, the last thing you want is silcon in your cooling system. :)

This was addressed for the 2014. You can get the 2014 cover AND 2014 o-ring and put them right on your bike. Problem will be solved.

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