Price my bike

Hey guys, i know every area of the US is gonna be a little different. Im in southern ohio, Im tossing around the idea of selling my 2009 CRF. I kinda have my eye on something different. If it sells it sells if not thats fine ill continue to ride it. the bike is in good shape. Has a yoshi slip on and was told it had been remapped (no proof), pro action revalves. front tire is new and back tire is well iffy. If i keep it then it will be replaced in the spring. Someone else may ride it till its bald. Cant say that the motor has ever been apart. Im gonna guess not. It just dont show signs of it. And the oil and filter always come out clean after 5 hours. Ill throw up a couple pics.







Without knowing the area i am estimating 3K at best.

i noticed in the last 3 years that when selling something they never sell for close to what you are asking even after pricing based on local listings. i dropped one bike by 700 before it sold and another by 300 and my listings were not the highest. My bikes were also in very good condition.

Yup, about $3K

Hour meter?

All reciepts/records of service?

All OEM hardware and in good condition?

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