Having trouble kickstarting

I have a 1999 Yamaha  TT600R, and I am having a lot of trouble kick starting it. About 75% of the kicks result in kickback, like it is advanced in timing or something. I have had it running and it appears to ok once started.

I know how to kick start a bike, and have done so loads of times on other bikes(YZ465,YZ490,XT600,XT500,IT200,Xl250,XR250+.....) without difficultly. (Getting over T.D.C then an almighty kick) I am thinking it is timing related, I have checked the woodruff key and it is fine. 

Is there any other reason why it would kickback as often as it does.

Could it be the CDI? I believe it controls the timing of the bike. (I just bought a new CDI for it as the last one was broken)

Any help would greatly be appreciated. 

is the decompressor working?

is the decompressor working?

Doesn't sound like it .

Decompressor appears to be working, can see it move and hear it click when slowly kicking it.

Seems to breakdown at high RPM though. So I am not 100% sure where to go from here. :/

Going to checking the timing with a timing light to see if something electrical is causing the timing to be slightly advanced,


Seems to breakdown at high RPM though.


What breaks down at high RPMs ?

Valve adjustment/clean carb, or technique

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