Turner oversized bar mounts

What do you think of them?I'm 5'8 what they make them uncomfortable for me?

I run em with renthal twin walls. Only for the fact that they match my name. But they are just bar mounts. Nothing to be picky about

I have a oversize Renthal Fat Bar on mine. I'm over 6' tall so it made my Suzuki RM much more comfortable to ride for me. Those bars are bullet proof. I ride balls to the wall and have yet to bend them.


The Renthal Fat Bars are super strong but your question was about the mounts. I feel the Turner mounts should do you just fine but don't go cheap on the bars without checking the reviews first.


A buddy rode mine with this setup and loved it so much he ordered some that night. Needless to say he went cheap on the bars. He learned the hard way when they bent after a couple of weeks. He now has Pro-Taper Contours they are just as strong as Renthal in my opinion.

I'm getting renthal twin walls. So it doesn't raise the bars up much higher than stock?

So I bought them...I just don't want my bars to be to high I doubt 1/4th rise will make them to tall

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