Funny Shifting

Occasionally, after sitting in neutral (either at a light or enjoying a view) i cannot shift into first gear at all and i have to roll the bike back to get into second and then shift into first. Also, if i'm in 4th or 5th at a stop the bike wont shift at all. I have to walk the bike backward while down shifting to get it to shift. I re adjusted my cable but that didn't seem to help. Any ideas? 2013 DRZ-S, drive line is bone stock. Thanks!

Happens to me aswell. I just let the clutch out then pull it in again and it seems to shift into first fine after that.

Try letting the clutch out a bit then try.if the gears aren't lined up they won't go into gear

Have you done an oil change?


Oil makes a huge difference in the shifting on this bike. 

Normal for a sequential shift transmission.  Shift while in motion.  Or as said, slightly release the clutch to rotate the gear sets.

Got it. Thanks for the tip

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