Front brake very stiff

Hey guys. My bike is having an issue. The front brake lever is impossible to pull. Can someone give me a place to start? Not sure what to check first

I'd guess a good place to start would be knowing which bike you'd be referring to .



most likely the master cyl needs a rebuild or the caliper is seized on.  when was the last time you replaced the brake fluid by bleeding the brakes?   could be just gummed up with old fluid.

Maybe if you put your bike in your sig , we wouldn't have to guess ... I did find this , but , we shouldn't have to search for it :

Eng18ine wrote : Hey guys. First post! I just got a 1986 xt600. Decent price, only 12,000 miles.


Knowing that ^ , I'd agree with maim .

Ya I guess the bike info would be great wouldn't it? Major slip on my part. It's an 86 yamaha xt600. I took the brake caliper off and saw that the piston moves a little but won't retract at all. The resavour has some some stuff floating around in it. So my first course of action would be a flush.

There's a very small return hole just ahead of the bigger feed hole in the reservoir . If the thing has been neglected , that return hole is likely plugged .

The return hole would spit out fluid when the lever was released. Is that the same one?

Two holes . One about 1/8" ( maybe a bit smaller ) . The second ( return hole ) is toward the brake hose about 1/2" and is about half the size of a straight pin used for sewing ( that would be about 1/64" ) . Like I said , very small .


The back flush you're seeing may be fluid being forced back through the feed hole .


There is also the possibility that the brake hose is collapsed , internally , and has created a dam , of sorts .

Oh wow. That small. Ok I'll go look for it. The hose is deffinatly squished by the hose holder on the left side of the fork. But thank you. I really appreciate it.


The hose is deffinatly squished by the hose holder on the left side of the fork.


Definitely , un-squish that hose . It may be your only problem . Even if it is , fresh fluid would be beneficial .

Ya. It's a 27 year old bike. The hoses show it too haha. Any chance you know what fluid to use?

Use DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid . No synthetic .

Youdda man. Thanks

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