New track , Easton Maryland

went to a new track last month a couple of times in Easton Maryland what a blast! Check out the web site "" They have a Pee wee track ,beginer track, intermediate, and expert track. :)

Wow ! That's a cool looking MX park. We need something like that in Texas.


I built a track in Silo Oklahoma....just around an hour from you. Alot of my buddies from the Dallas area come and ride on it.

It's a novice/intermediate track. Mostly big tables with a tight rythm section. I'm adding to it all the is tight :)

It's about 70% from being complete but totally ridable. So far the best lap time is 1:25 to give you an idea of the size.

If you're interested in riding, email me or call and bring some buddies.

Curtis Caldwell



How long did it take you to get to the track from above the canal?

So it's pretty nice?




Do you want to check this out on Saturday?

It takes me about 1 hr & 20 minutes to get to Kent Island, so I figure Easton is just under 2 hrs from Wilm.

Dan, how are the crowds on weekends?


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Actually we are going to Tower City this Saturday. If you want to come, that would be great. I mostly ride the woods, and used to race hare scrambles, so the MX thing is new to me.

I do want to try the track in MD, however I'm sure that I'll spend all my time on the beginner and intermediate track.

I've already had one trip the the ER this year, for a dislocated elbow, I'd like to stay healthy for a while (it sucks to not ride for 2 months).

I'm up for going soon though. I also was wondering about the crowds on the weekends?

Let me know if you want to go with us to Tower City on Sat...


I'm in for TC. Can both you and Victor bring your pickups so Chris & I can just throw our bikes in? I definately want to try the track out at some point, and I will be right there with you on the beginner track.


Steve, I didn't know that was you!

We'll figure it out so that we get all the bikes in one or two trucks.

What size ball does the hitch on your trailer use?

I'm calling Chris and Victor tonight, and We'll iron out the details.

I'm glad you are deffinetly going, we'll have fun.

I'm a little sad to hear that you and Chris don't have the same love for rocks that Victor and I have. :)


Originally posted by

What size ball does the hitch on your trailer use?

1 7/8

I'm a little sad to hear that you and Chris don't have the same love for rocks that Victor and I have. :)

I don't mind them. It's just that I haven't gotten a real skid plate for the 250F yet....still running the cheapo stock plastic POS.

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from Newark it took about an hour and 25 minutes to get there. Not a whole lot of people there, and no dust , they have an excellent irrigation and sprinkler system, so the dirt is perfect! $40 non members for the day. Hey John Hilton where do you ride at???.


We usually ride at either Tower City, or the New Jersey off road vehicle park. We're going to Tower City this Saturday, but I really want to check out the track in Easton ASAP..

There are three to four of us that ride on a regular basis. Two with 426's, one 250F, and one with a 98' CR 250 that he's trying to sell so he can get a 426.

We should ride sometime. We're mostly woods riders, but hitting the track from time to time is also fun.


Hey! I checked out the you have to have a membership to ride the complex, AND pay 15 dollars to ride???? Ouch. It looks like non-members pay $40 a day. OUCH!

For us, almost 3 hours away, thats not workable. :) Unfortunately, only Rausch is open over the winter. Poconos closed for the winter, and MX573 is closed near New York. Oh well....looks like a nice facility though.


Actually, it's $20 to ride after you pay the membership.

Hey, I have a question for you. I'm originally from Carlisle, PA and I went to Millersville University.

Are you familiar with some sort of track right off the highway where 282, 83, and exit 19 of the turn pike all come together? It's near the "star barn".

I used to see this track every time I would come home from school, and I would wonder what the story was behind it?


Hey Guys,

I've been to THE LANDING twice and its great!!!!!

I was thinking about going there This SAT or SUNDAY myself my buddys cant ride but I still might go.. Dose anyone know if there going to be open ????

hey some of my buddies and i are going


look us up!

we'll be in a green chevy van

w/a 6+12white enclosed trailer

it will be nice to finaly meet

some of you guys.

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