2013 fe350 steering damper options?

What dampers are available for a 2013 Berg FE350? I can't find very much info via Google. Anyone running one they can comment on?


I run the GPR v4 on my 2014 501 and I like the simplicity of it. I have also had really good customer service/support from their staff when I wanted to swap my V3 to a V4.


The one drawback so far is the stabilizer mount requires you to mount the under bar mount in the forward holes on the triple clamp.

I run a Scotts top mount. I like the bar height, bend and I believe I moved the bar position forward 1 position. I purchased the top clamp through either BRP or Scotts. One or the other matched the color of the triple clamp. Otherwise they're exactly the same. I've had the same Scotts Damper on like 5 bikes, so I'm pretty comfortable with how they perform.

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