Northern front range. post flood single track access?


   Just wondering if anyone has been out in the last week or so?  Last weekend I tried to get into swamp creek from Rustic.  I ended up riding up the approach roads for a while which were mostly running stream beds.   After a while the light rain turned more serious and I bailed back to the truck.   I'm guessing that the actual trail would have been "swamped" anyhow.


    Is ther anything else out there accessible and ride-able?



Killpecker should be open.



Leave Fort Collins on 14, then head to Read Feather Lakes. 

Just after Red Feather Lakes, go left on DeadMan Hill Road. 

Drive for ~45 minutes. 

Kill Pecker Trail head is on left. 



I dont think there is any other open riding North of Denver and South of Wyoming. 



Due to heavy rains and saturated soils the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland officials have closed portions of the Boulder and Canyon Lakes ranger districts. Those areas that have re-opened are still near or accessed by routes that are being used by those conducting road repair, continuing emergency response support and other activities. Visitors should expect delays and additional restrictions may be in place by county. The current condition of many forest roads is unknown until our initial assessment is completed. Please use caution in all rain affected areas. Check our Flood 2013 page for closure details.

     I went out on Sunday, and went to the upper Killpecker TH but got stopped a short way in by some tree fall.  I went to the next lower TH and ran KP down to Swamp Creek but got stopped a 1/4 mile in by another down tree.


  Anybody been up Swamp Creek from Rustic? 

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