Can-Am parts?

 Hello, I have a 1974 Can Am 175 TN'T, and I am in need of some small electrical parts, such as the rectifier, an ignition switch, and possibly some switch pods.

The rest of my bike is in very good condition, but the previous owner(s) have removed all wiring (and the battery) except for the ignition circuit. I am not trying to perform a 100% restoration on this bike, but I would like to make it street legal again.

 Does anybody know where I might find these often discarded parts? I have tried some of the more popular Vintage Bike sites (RTRmoto, Vintageparts4U, etc) but most people do not seem to be very interested in the specific parts that I am looking for.

Do you have the wiring diagram?  If you do, it won't be too hard to use an aftermarket general replacement rectifier.  Nothing space-age about that part at all.  Ignition switch might be a different story.  Have you thought of buying a parts donor bike?  I see Can-Am's every once in a while on CL.   Have you looked on ebay?  You may get lucky and find someone parting out one.  Another place you can check is SportWheels in Mn. Their web site is  (no "s")  Be prepared to pay thru the nose if they have one.

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