Anyone Retrofit a newer muffler on an older model CRF450R?

Hey everyone, quick question - Has anyone been able to retrofit a newer exhaust muffler style on an older model CRF450R? Here's my thought process: Take a new style Yoshimura RS-4 muffler and get an exhaust shop to weld it on the factory pipe. Only issue - The RS-4 exhaust is available on the 2009+ CRF450R compared to my 2006 model. My year only has the RS-2 designed for it. Anyone think this is possible?



That's a colossal waste of money. The RS4 isn't worth the money when you just bolt it on, taking the time to make one fit is even worse. It could be done, to answer the question, but it falls back to just because it can be, should it be? 


I wouldn't. 

If you have time to kill, I've got a RS4 from an 11-12 with a broken sub frame mount.

I've given up on RS4's they suck.


As was said earlier I wouldn't waste the time with it.

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