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Motocross Cornering Skills

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If you've been riding motocross very long you understand how important good cornering skills are. But so many riders develop bad techniques which end up being bad habits. Here's some import techniques you should know and practice in order to improve your corner speed and control: 


1. When on a straight approaching a corner as soon as you shut the throttle off you should be braking hard with both front and rear brakes. 

2. You should continue to control both brakes or in some cases at least one until you are going to pull the trigger (get on the clutch and throttle) to exit the corner. 

3. When braking your body should be a little back or at least in the middle. 

4. The most critical part of the corner is the transition. This is where you go from braking to accelerating. Prefect braking control and then perfect clutch and throttle control. 

5. Always focus and move your head toward where you want to go in the corner. 


I hope this gives you some things to try and most of all gets the results you're looking for. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 





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