02 YZ ran wed. No spark today

trying to sell my 02 YZ f had it running this weekend after sitting for three months, had it running Monday, started it again Wednesday. had a friend come to look at it today and no fire. thought maybe the carb got dirty gave it a shot of starting fluid, no fire. pulled the plug no spark at all. went to the store got a new plug, Still no spark. the thing was started Wednesday loaded in the truck brought home and put in the garage. I was so frustrated today that I had enough patience to look through all the wires and I don't see any thing that seems messed up. can anyone give me an idea where to start? literally cold started in 2 kicks eve time ive started it and now no spark AT all. really Ped me off specially when I looked like an idiot in front of my friend who wanted the bike.

Sounds like the ground to the coil. Disconnect,clean with a wire brush or sand paper.

Sounds like the ground to the coil. Disconnect,clean with a wire brush or sand paper.

thank you sir I will do that. I realize this post makes me seems non-mechanically inclined. I can spin wrenches just electrical aint my thing lol. ill try the ground thing and report back either tonight or this weekend. only thing I did besides check connections was pull the kill switch incase it went bad or had a short causing it to be in "kill" mode.  

I'm about the same as you. Just enough knowledge to be dangerous!!!!! Could be the kill switch too. I would start from the plug and work your way backward. Could the plug have a crack on the insulator? I've seen people replace stators,rectifiers,coils,ect!!! To only find out it as a bad wire or connection, take the time to thoroughly inspect and save time and money. Good luck my friend. And your not a fool cause of a mechanical failure. I had a gsxr 750 sold only to have a timing chain break the day of the sale. And yep I felt like crap but it happens to the best of us. Peace.

My sons did this the problem was the spark plug wire where it goes into the coil was bad sometimes sometimes no spark I replaced it and no issues since

yep push the coil wire back into the plug cap or coil...check that out....in the "very important" category.

well I pulled the coil cleaned it all put it back in still got nothing so I just ordered a used coil for 25 bucks shipped it will be here Saturday or early next week and I will check back in. I just want this damn bike outta my garage already, it does however make my 08 look awful pretty sitting next to it.

Ok guys I'm at a loss. Got a cool pack off eBay still no spark. Disconnected the kill switch thought maybe that was bad, still no spark. Like I said electrical isn't my thing. I'm gonna look up some schematics now but I just don't know where to go. The stupid thing ran the day before I tried to sell it a few months ago and then nothing just dead flat.

So far I've got a new plug that I checke in my new bike and it sparks, disconnected the kill switch, different coil.

What else should I do? If someone could tell me how to go about trouble shooting it is greatly appreciate it before I go dumping a ton of money on a new brain and a stator for no reason.

Shoulda sold it soon as I got hurt!

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