anyone know if an 02+ swingarm will fit on a 00' ?

the swingarms and linkage on the 02' and newer bikes are much easier to disassemble. Anyone know if they fit right up to an 00' ? anyone do this before ? 

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go to a site that has oem parts fische for the parts you want.  search for the '00 and the '02. if the parts numbers match then you know your answer.

i know the parts wont match because they are designed a little differently , on the 02+ , all the bolts have a "half moon" shape on one end so that they only go in a certain way and you only need to use a wrench on one end of them.

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I'm not 100% on this, but I think 02 was the year they went to a larger diameter swingarm pivot bolt. If that is the case, you still may be able to use one with the earlier sleeves and possibly bearings as well, you will just need to cross reference the bearing/sleeve sizes.

thanks , i was just wondering if anyone had done this before. I have an 02 YZF in my garage , maybe I'll try a swap this winter , see what happens.

I'm not positive what year, but Yamaha did a pretty big redesign on the linkage & swingarm around 2002-2004.

The link, connecting rod, and swingarm pickup were all made narrower, and nothing swapped over from the earlier design.


Plus, as jeffro667 mentioned, the swingarm pivot bolt diameter went up somewhere in 2002-2004 as well.


Good luck, and tell us what you find out!

No 2002 and newer have a larger pivot bolt. and 2001 and down have the smaller one

You can swap a '00 swingarm with a '02 and up fairly easily......just swap the spacers and seals.




enlarge the frame and engine bushing bore from 17 to 18mm.


If you go '06 or newer swingarm, you'll need a new rear brake caliper as well


You may have to use a mix and match of new and old linkage.....pull rod, knuckle and bolts (what CaptDan was referencing)



The biggest concern for me, is the location of the upper shock mount, pull rod frame mount and swingarm pivot of the '00 frame compared to the '02 and up frame.  

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