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Using a Chinese CDI on a Yamaha TTR 225

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OK so I got this beater bike and pretty sure the $200. CDI is toast.


Can you use a chinese CDI?

So I bought one.  I got a DC version even though I know it's AC powered on the stator.  I'm just gonna grab some 12v DC for power.  Oh the bike is electric start only, 2001 TTR 225.


I'm manually wiring the 12V power, ground, ignition coil, pulser/trigger.  I've left the Kill wire off for now.


Still getting no spark.  Ignition coil is good. Wires are connected good everywhere.  On the pulse trigger coil I'm wondering if that's my problem.  It's a 2 wire plug and I have one wire for CDI box so I grounded one side of trigger.  Still no sparky.


Overall though, this SHOULD work (if I can get it to work), right??



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