Brocken part in air box help please

So I was messing around the other day and realized my filter was sitting right. I got in there and checked it out and sure enough it was broken(see pic). This is a k&n air filter and when I went to look online the oem part seemed different. So I assume this part came with the k&n kit or whatever. My question is can I find this online somewhere or will I have I get another whole air filter kit? Am I even right about the piece coming with the k&n filter? I just assumed that cause it looked different from the oem but maybe I'm wrong and they are the same. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380332537.324206.jpg

It appears to be part of the airbox and not part of an air filter, meaning to replace the broken part requires a new airbox. Of course, no one can know for sure as no one knows what make/model/yer bike.

It's a 2004 yz250f

Olds....I see what you mean after looking at the Yamaha schematics/fiche.  It looks a lot like the filter to airbox connection that is on my son's '05 WR250F.  Since your airbox is accessed from the top (not side like a WR), I assume it is the stock YZ airbox. Seems to me if you are confident it is the stock YZ airbox, then maybe your best bet is to buy items 13 (holder, guide) and 22 (guide).  Depending on what your current air filter holder looks like, you might be able to get away with just buying item 13.


Here is the WR250F intake schematics for comparison:

That looks like stock part #22 on the intake section of the schematics. About 30 bucks for a new one.

Thanks for the help. Just ordered it off of rmatvmc. Should be here in a couple days and see if it works

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