95 yz250 factory blue/white graphics?

I have recently been thinking of getting another 95 250(if i can find one) and building a replica bike.  I knew a guy who bought up a bunch of old stock in 96 when i work at a yamaha dealer.  Trying to track him down cause i haven't had any luck locating any kits.  Anyone seen or have one?  Seat cover, graphics, blue front fender and shrouds?


Looking to build something like this emig replica.



I want to track down plastics/graphics first before i search long and hard for a bike.  I guess 93 or 94 would work also but i really loved my 95 back in 97 and would love another one.



There should be quite a few companys

that make custom decals.


...and also custom seat covers, fenders, etc

Lots of info and pics of that bike




Thanks for the reply.  I do know there are tons of graphics companies and lots that will make me custom stuff  I have decal works and pg stuff on my other bikes.  I really want the factory yamaha kits to make the bike authentic though.  Having someone make me a one off set of this stuff will cost too much:)  Also thanks for the link.  thats actually where i got my pic from. 


Also with the bikefinds link, did you notice there was only one 95(actually only a few hours from me), but $1200 and its missing body panels, has the wrong pipe on it, but its apparently the fastest bike ever:)  Im sorry but i sold my 95 in 99 for $1400 with the factory kit :(  Mine had all the trick stuff on it, long rod kit, boysen rad valve, devol links, pro taper clamps and fat bars. couple sets of plastics, applied aluminum sub frame, frame guards blah blah.  Mine also was raced and had an AMA frame number still on it.  I only paid $2500 for it in 97 also.  Back then a new 250 was just over 5k.  I want one but im not going to pay top dollar for a beater.  I will ride whatever bike I buy but mostly I want it as an ornament:)  I can buy a handful of early 00-04 bikes for under a grand so if i was looking for a bike to ride that's probably what i would do(instead of my 450s).  or a buddy has a 13 with tons of parts on it for 5k.


If i come across any kits i will post them here.  Again thanks for the response!

4 pages back, just a bump in case someone has a lead:)


Maybe call / email a pic of that bike

to a bunch of the graphics companys ?

With the computer aided designing these

days, they should be able to copy the

graphics and seat cover easily.


Actually looked everywhere for those

graphics years ago with no luck,

...but finding anything that old, the adhesive

might be no good by now ?

Thanks for the reply! Good point about the adhesive. I would hope they would still be okay but you never know.

Have only seen those graphics

on Emigs bike

...was that graphics kit available before ?

There was a yamaha part number for it. In 96 or 97 we got notice they were discontinued. So you could buy the kit but it was never advertised as far as I know.

Have only seen those graphics

on Emigs bike

...was that graphics kit available before ?

Guessin' if it was discontinued

that long ago, finding one these

days would be near impossible

yeah its just like now where the gytr catalog has graphics.  The blue/white was 95 factory race only so it was very limited.  After that yamaha went blue and has been(different shades) ever since.  Back then you had to look through the gytr catalog or the black/white parts book.  ever year yamaha sends or sent(its been awhile since i worked in a dealer) a catalog with the clearance stuff.  My only option might be to make some replica stuff but i was hoping to find the real deal. 

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