1993 XR650L Project

sup! I been readin on this site for a few months now and have a decent idea of where I wanna go.  reading on this site is what made up my mind to buying my xrl in the first place.  ill get some pics up later.  so far its stock except larger jets and k&n filter.  runs good but the tuning isn't all that it could be but still a blast on the roads.  its mainly a commuter and just having fun here and there.  I painted it plack and replaced the front and rear lights as well as removed the bulky stock blinkers.  the paint on the larger tank pealed pretty bad which is why im not posting up pics first.   I put on a integrated rear light but both blinkers flash at the same time so I only use it as a brake light at the moment.  I think ill replace it with another toward the end of the line.  the head light is 1 of those Chinese light on top of the other streetfighter type that are mad cheap on ebay.  I think it sux cuz both lights are the same brightness and all 4 rubber straps don't hold tension.  I think ill replace that later on too cuz I saw a nice conversion with a trailtech vapor and a smaller battery behind the headlight.  I think I wanna go with that so I can remove the battery suitcase under the left fender.  I also wanna remove the airbox all together and just put a foam filter directly on a 40mm pumper.  lastly id like a dual exhaust under the tail kinda like the crf450r on top of the fmf powerbomb header.  its also got a black seat cover.  the blacked out look was pretty solid til the paint on the tank started to bubble and peel and the right side pretty much washed off with the recent tropical storm here in guam.  my plan is to hit this project really hard at the beginning of the year so for now im just trying to get all the kinks ironed out as much as possible ahead of time and see how much I can reduce the cost of the mods without sacrificing performance or reliability.  I know I cant have it all so a well rounded end result is the goal.  I have other plans in mind but ill address those one at a time.  for now I guess im at the general advice and suggestions part.  guam is roughly right at sea level and I think the highest point is 1400ft.  thanx for any and all responses if any.

Hey Lean,

 Congrats on the new bike! Always a happy time.  Came to the right place for advice on these bikes.  :)

so has anybody put dual exhaust on a 650L?  I see the crf450r pics and cant stop drooling wishing I had duals on my bike.

I dont know of anyone who has put dual mufflers on an XRL. Not quite sure why (other than looks) anyone would want to.

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