Mystery Steering Damper ID

I found this steering damper on my 98 KTM 200 MXC that I bought a few months back. It's got the letters KTM stamped on the base, but no other identifying marks. I took the bleed screw out but there was no oil in it. So I was hoping to find some rebuild info or at least what weight of oil it needs.

The damper is mounted to the bottom of the lower triple clamp (sandwiched between fender and triple clamp)




Awesome! Thanks YZEtc, that's it. I took it apart last night just to see what's inside. The seals are all simple o-rings, so I was thinking I could just buy those myself. But now that I know the source I think I'll send it in to WER for a rebuild since the shaft has a bit of groove in it where it seals (or used to seal!) and the wiper is a little worn looking too.

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