Motocross helmets, need some help this helmet vs this helmet

Looking for a very aggressive looking,comfortable,certified safety helmet, under $250 preferably black

I was looking at the scorpion vx-34 and the other one is Agv ax8 evo which is alittle high for me.

What do you guys think is the best for my liking?

Try on a Fox Racing V1 for $160 you get dual density EPS which will soften the blow of lower velocity impacts and may spare you a concussion. Your other choices have single density EPS liners. Whatever other bells and whistles they have, it's the same old dated technology that makes even little falls hurt worse than they need to. Do research on dual EPS lids in your price range and find one that fits your head.

you can find bell moto 9 on closeout (check bto and ebay) for $250. this is a very good pricenfor a very nice and safe helmet. stay away from "off brands" like scropion and stuff.

The best one is the one that fits best

Motosport has the one industries gamma helmet on close out right now for $130. Typically they're $270

You needs to go to a reputable place that sells helmets and try them on. Preferably a place that has someone thy knows what they are doing to help you. Certain brands are sized for a more round shaped head and others for more oval shaped head. This will make a big difference in the fit for you in terms of comfort and safety. Once you know what brands fit your head the best then you can narrow your search down to those. I find for me personally that Scorpion and Bell helmets fit my head shape the best, so when I'm in the market for a helmet whether street or MX I look through the product lines of those two companies first

Also scott airborne lists tripple density eps. I wont speculate though as to wether it performs better than other companies dual offerings. Just another lid to consider.

Search ironponydirect on eBay. He's got some fly f2 carbons for about 70$

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