Found electronic device at EFR


Describe and tell me what paper was with it..Had 1100 NW clark CT. address in it. Found below the fire watch tower on trail 50.

Doesn't sound like it, but Kelly (Ride) lost his GoPro out there last Novemeber when we were at the NW Husky Gathering in the snow.  

Got a PM some people who talked to the guy who lost it. Just met on the trail is all. I think it's a Bend Local.

Most we know in the dirt bike community would have done the same, I appreciate the kind words. I'm going to king of motos in January(not racing) and then the Dez100(racing) in April. If you have never been, you need to meet us at the dez. The craziest 2-3 days you'll ever put in on a bike. 
All the best
P.S. The moderator from the OMRA site was looking, Rollie from thumpertalk knows people on the trail you talked to about losing it, and there was one or two more emails from people who had info(guy from high desert adventures knew about it). What an awesome community of off roaders! Sorry we didn't talk more, the grandbaby was over, I'd had 4 hours sleep and was back on a train at 7 that night!

Subject: Chad

I received your email address from my friend Bard who you wrote back and forth with about my GPS. I very much appreciate your honesty and the effort you put behind finding the rightful owner. Most people I want to believe would do the right thing if it had ID but you posted up on several forums and Craigslist looking for the rightful owner. You really went the extra mile!
I am grateful for four your effort and generosity, and hopeful we can ride together next time you are heading to Central Oregon.
Thank you again!
Mark Meyers


YES!!!! And it counts!!!!!!

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