clutch help?

hey everyone im new here, but thats aside from everything.

i bought my uncles old race bike its a 86/87 yz250, th thing is a pig. throws me up in 5th gear. anywho, im having a problem.. the piston grenaded on me so i id the following to rebiuld it... new wiseco 1mm overbore piston and everything else. i split the right side of the case (water pump side) i was going to clean it out that way.. but i decided to go another route and so reaassembled it just as i had taken it apart... CAREFULLY!!! now the motor is all back together and i just have to put my plastics on, and i discovered a problem. the clutch actuator is popped up off the case some.. i didnt notce this and i can put the bike in gear and roll it and the tire rolls freely. the spring has tension on it and the linkage is right i just need a little help with this one.. it has brand new clutch set in it that my uncle did. 

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