swing arm axle adjustment bolts ?

OK a silly question that some of you may now the answer to. I have two kx250f's with one damn adjuster bolt completely frozen on. Does anybody have a simple fix for this ?

I soaked them in liquid wrench, heated the swing arm area around the ( Nut ) ? In the swing arm etc. Just getting some movement but not full range. It feels like I am going to snap these off. and these are on 2011-12 kxf's

Is there a steel insert in the swing arm or is it all aluminum ?

makes adjusting a big problem.....



Keep squirting it with the LW and working with it, it'll come out eventually. Probably got a bunch of rust built up on the bolt threads inside the swingarm that your going to have to work through. Pretty sure the swing arm threads are aluminum. 

When you get the adjuster bolts out, give the new ones a good coat of grease or anti seize, then you'll not have to deal with this again. :thumbsup:

Allowing it to heat and cool will be the biggest help.

Have you thought about drilling a hole at the end of the swingarm and soaking the bolt from inside with PBBlaster?

1/2 inch impact wrench....if you have a harbor freight invest in one!

Potential problem with an impact wrench is the bolts snap off. Not sure it would be that bad to cut the head off, notch the end with a dremel and screw the thing right through the end with a flat head screwdriver. You could stop the bolt from rattling around by injecting some Great Stuff through the hole. I don't know, just thinking out loud. I ruined a swing arm once. Now anti- seize is top of the list for new bikes. Good luck Al. Let us know what you end up doing. I am sure you will find a fix. Or just take it to a machine shop. . . last resort.

Have you thought about drilling a hole at the end of the swingarm and soaking the bolt from inside with PBBlaster?

Try this I had the same issue last week drilled a tiny hole just big enough for the straw to fit in about an inch or 2 up from the end of the amr then filled it with blaster let it sit over night and next day it came out. 

Kinda drastic to drill a hole but makes sense.

I am really good at extracting and removing frozen bolts and studs, this one though is tough. Strangely , I can screw the bolt in a few turns and work it back out and thinking it's free try to screw it all the way in and it freezes. I am sure of the exposed threads are clean and lubed , Strange.




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